Silk screened ties for extraordinary guys!

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Screen printed skeleton tie Silk screened trumpet tie
Screenprinted astronomy tie Silk screened Cthulhu tie
Silk Screened Bicycle Tie Silkscreened Pi tie

Microfiber Ties

Shown here is just a small selection of or tie designs available on our Microfiber Ties. Though not as luxurious as our Premium Quality ties they are still a rather nice tie.


Our standard width Microfiber Ties are 3.75" at their widest and 1.25" at their narrowest, and the overall length is 56".


All our ties come ready gift wrapped for giving as a gift complete with greetings tag for your special message.


If you wish to make a purchase of a particular design just click on it and you will be directed to our Etsy store.


Silk screened pocket watch tie X-Ray Specs tie Optician's Tie How to tie a tie tie Screen Printed Robots Tie
Silk Screened Dna Helix Tie Microscope Tie Silkscreened Electronics Tie Stethoscope Tie Pill Tie
Skull and Crossbones Tie Speedometer Silk Screened Tie Crosshairs Screenprinted Tie Drag Coefficient Tie Silk Screened Ray Gun Tie