Silk screened ties for extraordinary guys!

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Image of a screen printed bicycle on a tie Image of five silkscreened ties with dynamite, skull and crossbones, cthulhu, motorcycle and blood splat designs. Image of Ron in his garage setting up his exposure light used for burning images to silk screens. Our Giant Lily design as a matching wedding tie set.
WWII Pilot design screen printed on a tie.
Computer Code design screen printed on a tie.
Image showing our color range of tie that we stock.
Our Moustache design silkscreened on a tie and modelled.
Silkscreened Astronaut on a tie.
Screen printed tie with Pill design.
Pocket Watch design screenprinted on to a tie.
Silkscreened wedding tie package with Du Vin design.
Cthulhu design silkscreened on to a quality tie.
Silk screened Crossed Sabres design.
Best selling screen printed ties from Projector Ties.
Silkscreened skinny tie.
Silkscreened mixtape tie shown modelled as a wedding package.
Silkscreened Kipper Tie
Silkscreened Bicycle Tie
Patterned Jolly Rodger silkscreened tie.
Screen printed Optometrist tie.
Silkscreened Electronic Circuit Board Tie.
Screenprinted Locomtive Tie.
Silkscreened joke Cut Here tie.
Screenprinted Octopus Tie.
Matching wedding package of 10 Bicycle Ties. Ron holding up screen to natural daylight so any holes can be filled with screen filler.
Silkscreened math tie.
Screen printed star constellation neck tie.
Gentlemans Rifle Sights Tie.
Sci Fi Raygun Geek Tie
Einstein Science Neck Tie
Silkscreened Stethoscope Tie
Modelled Mixtape Tie.
Devils Trident silk screened on a premium quality neck tie.
Silkscreened Vintage Motorbike design.
Silkscreened formula for Dynamite screen printed on a tie.
Screen printing silk screens stored neatly in the garage.
Illustrated Rose design silksreened on a tie.
Ron exposing some recent tie designs to a new silk screen.
Image of Optometrists Eye Chart screen printed on a tie.
Cartographic screen printed tie.
Retro robotic silk screened tie.
Microbiological screenprinted neck tie.
Ron using natural daylight for imperfections in the newly exposed screens.
Jolly Roger silkscreened mens tie.
Monkey Wrench mens tie.
Silk screened mens Pocket Watch tie design.
Silkscreened spectacles tie design.
Genetics screenprinted tie.
Rock God neck tie.
Jazz Tie.
Anatomical silkscreened necktie.
Our Bicycle tie featured in another wedding magazine.
Silk screens stored neatly.
Silksreened spectacles mens tie.
Matching set of silkscreened wedding ties.
Our Octopus tie kindly modelled.
Mission Impossible?
Kindly modelled in Macy's
Silk screened art prints by Ron Stewart on homemade drying rack.
Silkscreened Engineers tie.
Selection of popular mens ties.
Measuring out inks by weight for color consistency!
At the Races mens necktie.
Matching floral wedding ties. Working away...
Retail tags especially designed for wholesale orders.