Silk screened ties for extraordinary guys!

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Father's Day Ties

Why not treat good old dad to a rather snazzy neck tie from us at Projector Ties!


All the ties shown are printed on our Premium Quality range and are delivered ready gift wrapped to save you the trouble.


Each tie has several different colour combinations to choose from, so you can get exactly the colour you know your father would prefer.


Clicking on any of the ties shown will take you to our Etsy store where you can make your purchase.


P.S. Great for Grandads too!

Screenprinted Guitar Tie Screenprinted Computer Code Tie Screen Printed Speedometer Tie Screen Printed Electronics Tie Screen Printed Astronaut Tie
Screen Printed Cthulhu Tie Screen Printed Pi Tie Screen Printed Constellation Tie Screen Printed Pocket Watch Tie Screen Printed Dna Helix Tie
Screenprinted Octopus Tie Screenprinted Skeleton Tie Screenprinted Pilot Tie Screenprinted Honey Bee Tie Screenprinted Ray Gun Tie
Screen Printed Cartography Tie Screen Printed Microscope Tie Screen Printed Spectacles Tie Screen Printed How to tie a tie Necktie Screen Printed Eye Chart Tie
Silkscreened X-Ray Specs Tie Silkscreened Trumpet Tie Silkscreened Emotional Adjectives Tie Silkscreened Horse Racing Tie Silkscreened Motorcycle Tie
Silk Screened Crosshairs Tie Silk Screened Cut Here Tie Silk Screened Moustache Tie Silk Screened Monkey Wrench Tie Silk Screened Sabres Tie
Hand Printed Kipper Tie Hand Printed Stethoscope Tie Hand Printed Du Vin Tie Hand Printed Golf Tie Hand Printed Mixtape Tie